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New blog section!! "Writing Matters"

So, you want to write and publish. Excellent! Humans have always loved stories, whether for fun or learning. But what makes a story good, what a good writer?

I started this site intending to help people choose books they may like, as well as to draw attention to common failings – whether in plot, characterisation, pacing, or more data-driven such as proofreading, fact finding, agendas, etcetera. As the reviews progressed, and my own reading became more biased to that aim, I realised that each subject mentioned in the suggestions needs a deeper explanation. Thus, I decided to create this additional, more practical, section.

Unlike the book reviews, in this section I will address issues which can undermine an otherwise good, maybe excellent, work. They are meant as reminders to improve your creation, as you plan, write, even when you review your drafts. Does this mean that this is a guide to the perfect format, the perfect style? Not by a long shot, because NO BOOK IS PERFECT! I don’t believe in the “cookie-cutter” method (unless necessary to a genre). On the contrary, an author must maintain their individuality, their own narrative style born of their culture, language, interests, as well as genre, intended audience, and so forth.

What an author must remember, is that all humans share a set of natural and social cues which they must address in their volumes. These are the element that will make betas, editors and audiences unable to fully engage with the text. Such failure will weaken a tale, to the point that even advertising or temporary fame will be unable to make it memorable, desirable, successful in the long run.

The 10 most common shortcomings (in no particular order) are:

· Perfect heroes/heroines and dastardly baddies

· Fictional worlds too absurd to be relatable

· The not-so-subtle agenda

· Using the wrong language characteristics

· Ignoring the scope of the genre

· Too many stories within a book

· Wrong pacing

· Forgetting the audience

· Loose ends and red herrings

· Lazy editing, proofreading, and formatting

There are many more items, of course, while some of these must be divided into a set of entries, or reviewed from different angles. My hope is that, by drawing attention to these, you the writers will be able apply them so as to trim your works, making them all that much stronger, all that much more admirable. Also, I would love for the members of this community to comment, suggest, and help each other with advice on the subjects, requests for clarification on specific stumbling blocks, or any other writing matter.

Have a blessed day, and see you again, soon!

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